BROWSE, The Search Function of QASoft

Browse is the search function of QASoft. If we have an unknown spectrum on the screen, we can probably find out what it is by clicking Browse. The type of screen shown below, left, would appear. (The spectrum shown happens to be for ammonia.) The browse function allows the user to compare the unknown spectrum--or a portion thereof--to all the spectra in the database. This is a simple type of search that may be carried out in just a few minutes. Browse may be started at the beginning of any of the chapters A click on Continue produces the screen shown below, right. The first spectrum in the database, acetylene, is now displayed on top of the ammonia spectrum. The choices at the top of the screen allow you to start the browse at the beginning of the database, the end of the database, or at the beginning of any of the chapters. F3=Rescale allows you to browse while viewing only a portion of the spectrum. F4 returns you to full scale. The Page-Up and Page-Down keys take you from one spectrum to another while searching for a match. F1 gets you out of browse.


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