Infrared Analysis, Inc. offers four sizes of gas syringes to accomodate the volumes of the various Infrared Analysis, Inc. gas absorption cells. These are named Gas Mega Syringes A, B, C and D. Syringes A and B are shown in Figure 1.

Each syringe has two valves, so that it may be used either in the normal syringe mode, or in the “pump mode”, where gas is repeatedly taken in one valve and then expelled through the other.

Here are instructions on how to use the syringes.

To obtain a sample of air or other room temperature gas.


Open the valve and pull the plunger out. Close the valve.




To obtain a nitrogen diluted, room temperature sample of gas from an engine or a stack.


Choose your dilution ratio. Consider 1-in-5, for example. With the plunger all the way in and the valve open, attach the Super Syringe to a nitrogen tank. Use a slight nitrogen pressure to cause the plunger to move 80 percent of the way out. Close the valve. Attach the Super Syringe to the gas source. Open the valve. Move the plunger the remaining 20 per cent of the way out.


To obtain a sample for making a water subtraction spectrum.


Decide on the relative humidity value you are trying to match. Then mix in the syringe the appropriate proportions of dry nitrogen straight from a tank and wet nitrogen taken from a tank through the wetting tube.


To obtain a sample for making a CO2 subtraction spectrum.

Fill a calibrated CO2 tube with CO2 from a tank. Place the CO2 tube between a nitrogen tank and the Super Syringe. Allow the tank nitrogen to flow through the CO2 tube and into the Super Syringe, filling the syringe with the gas mixture. Calculate the CO2 concentration from the ratio of the volumes of the syringe and the CO2 tube.

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