The user of the Air Analysis System will have to learn the operations of the software and the techniques of manipulating the samples. Instructions for doing these things are given in five places:

(1) The present book: Procedures in Infrared Analysis of Gases.

(2) The Getting Started manual for the Air Analysis System.

(3) The instruction manuals of the GRAMS software.

(4) The texts accessed from the QASoft workbook page within the GRAMS program.

(5) The instructions printed on the Air Analysis System components.

Furthermore, a purchaser of the Air Analysis System is welcome to visit the Infrared Analysis, Inc. facility in Anaheim for a free one-on-one instruction and practice session on handling the gases and operating the software.

Additional support from Infrared Analysis, Inc. Is given by phone, fax and e-mail. Test spectra may be sent to us by e-mail.

After software installation, the user should begin with the study of the action button operations, especially as discussed in the following topics of the present book.

Absorbance Spectra


Integration Region and Zero Level Selection

QASoft action buttons

Sequence Analysis

Single Component Analysis


Synthetic Spectra Creation

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