Many important organic nitrogen comounds can be measured as vapors. This includes amines, nitriles, iso-nitriles, nitrites, nitrates, peroxy nitrates, nitro-compounds and nitroso-compounds. All have characteristic strong spectral bands.

     The spectrum of peroxy acetyl nitrate presented here was recorded from a sample produced in a 45 meter folded-path cell by photolysis of a mixture of air, acetaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and chlorine. It is not a high quality spectrum, but the principal bands are shown with the correct intensities and at the correct frequencies. The weaker bands of the spectrum appeared mixed with noise, and were removed. The amount of peroxy acetyl nitrate was obtained by reference to the publication: "Absorptivities for Infrared Determination of Peroxyacyl Nitrates" by Edgar R. Stephens, Analytical Chemistry Vol. 36, April, 1964, pp. 928-929. See SPECTRA. chapter N.

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