In QASoft, you can call a program Qsynth.ab that will allow you to create synthetic composite spectra by combining spectra with various weighting factors. Spectra can come from the database or from your own collection. You will be alllowed to review spectral overlaps and make decisions on the choice of RIAS integration regions and zeroing regions. The first click asks you to choose between building a new list of spectra or retrieving a previously stored list. Click New and you will be asked to choose between database spectra or your own spectra. Clicking IAI Reference Spectrum leads you through the database access screens, as previously illustrated. The figure here shows a composite spectrum from the database spectra of four light hydrocarbons--methane, ethane, ethylene and acetylene. We have specified the optical path as one meter. The screen shows the synthetic spectrum and the concentrations of the four compounds in PPM. New concentrations may be written in and the synthetic spectrum will change. If we wish to accept the concentrations shown and we click Done, the synthetic spectrum will be saved and it will be shown in the Infrared Analysis, Inc. main view.

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