In addressing difficult gas measurement problems, the approach of Infrared Analysis, Inc. is to seek simplifications.

We simplify quantitative sample acquisition by using syringes for capturing and diluting static samples. We cool and dilute samples with quantitative controlled flow. This eliminates the need for heated absorption cells and high temperature reference spectra.

We also grab air samples in bags, using the wind-sock method of bag filling.

We remove water and CO2 interferences by means of spectra that are easily prepared.

We provide action buttons that prompt the computer to remove the water and CO2 lines and carry out the quantitative analysis automatically.

We have created the technique of Photolysis Assisted Pollution Analysis that in many cases will eliminate the requirement for removal of water and carbon dioxide bands.

We clip the absorbance spectra, discarding the high absorbance portions that cause measurement errors.

We base our quantitative measurements only on bands with low absorbance values, where there is no deviation from the absorbance law.

Our RIAS quantitative analysis technique calls on the computer to carry out band area measurements, which the computer does much better than the operator could do in former times.

We do not try to measure everything at once. Instead, we have the computer “peel down” a complex spectrum one compound at a time, measuring concentrations as it goes.

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