Clicking on the SpecInfo action button gives direct access to the header data of a reference spectrum. The analysis parameters may then be confirmed or changed. The memo may also be changed at this time, so if the analysis and zero bands are going to be altered, one may choose to write the old limits into the memo.

The spectrum should first be called into the view. This may be done either with the Database button or from the QASoft directory. The click on SpecInfo then produces a query as to whether a different file is to be selected. Clicking NO then brings up the header for the spectrum in the view. Changes may then be made and stored. The new file query then reappears. Clicking on YES then brings up the Select Absorption File screen with the same directory as for the previous spectrum. When the new spectrum is selected, its header appears. Approving or changing the header returns the new file query. One may thus continue through as many headers as is desired.

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