Model Number : 16-V

Price: Send E-mail to IRANALYSIS@MSN.COM for price

Special characteristics: Capable of high throughput; easy transfer mirrors; complete hardware; stands easily in sample compartment; pathlength control with path variable from 2 to 16 meters in steps of one meter; laser verification of pathlength

Specifications:          Pathlength: Variable from 2 to 16 meters in steps of one meter.

                                    Body material:            Borosilicate glass

                                    Mirror coating:           Protected gold

                                    Body dimensions:       Length, 30 cm.; I.D., 10 cm.

                                    Volume:                      2.5 liters

                                    Transfer mirrors:        Two plane mirrors on mounts with fine screw adjustments 

                                    Mounting:                   Base plate that puts the transfer optics at beam height.

                                    Window material:       Potassium chloride

                                    Valves:                       Two stainless steel plug valves and pressure release valve

                                    Other Hardware: Pressure gauge, flow tube, path control and laser.

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