Model Number : 107-V

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Special Characteristics: Operates in either the White Cell configuration, with two rows of images, or in the HANST cell configuration, with 6 rows of images. With two rows of images, the optical path is variable in 3.2 meter increments from 3.2 to 52 meters. With six rows of images, the optical path is variable in 9.7 meter increments from 9.7 to 107 meters. Pathlength is changed by an external control knob, with laser verification.


Specifications:  Pathlength:                     Variable from 3.2 to 107 meters

                          Body Material:               Borosilicate Glass

                          Mirror Coating:              Protected Silver 

                          Body dimensions:          Length, 90cm.; I.D., 15 cm.

                          Volume:                         16 Liters 

                          Transfer Mirrors:           Two plane mirrors with fine adjustments

                          Mounting:                      Bottom plate with supports that put the transfer optics at the sample compartment beam-height.

                          Window Material:         Potassium Chloride

                          Valves:                           Two stainless-steel plug valves and pressure relief valve

                          Other hardware:             Pressure gauge, flow tube, external path control knob and laser device.

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