Infrared Analysis, Inc . supplies cells with Anodized-aluminum or Nickel-coated cell bodies and hardware.

Cell mirrors are mounted on a removable carriage for easy access and maintenance.

High pressure configurations are available for use at pressures as high as 100 p.s.i.

Transfer optics and mounting fixture are included with each cell, except the M-80-V.

Laser device for cell alignment and pathlength verification is included.

View Window is built into cell for alignment and pathlength verification


Part No.                                  Description                                               Price

M-3-8-V          Metal-bodied long path cell, 7.5 cm. inside diameter     Send E-mail            

                        Base path 20 cm. Variable pathlength from 0.8 to

                        8 meters. Protected gold optics.

                        Volume approximately 0.75 liters


M-4-10-V        Metal-bodied long path cell, 10 cm. inside diameter,     Send E-mail           

                        Base path 25 cm. Variable pathlength from 1 to 10

                        meters. Protected Gold optics.

                        Volume approximately 3 liters.


M-5-22-V        Metal-bodied long path cell. 12.5 cm. inside diameter.  Send E-mail          

                        Base path 55 cm. Variable pathlength from 2.2 to 22

                        meters. Protected gold optics.

                        Volume approximately 8.5 liters.


M-80-V        Metal-bodied long path cell. 21.6 cm inside diameter.    Send E-mail

                        Base path 1 meter. Variable path-length from 8 to 80

                        meters. Protected gold optics.

                        Volume approximately 39 liters.

                        For horizontal operations. (Mounting and transfer optics quoted separately)


Infrared Analysis, Inc. will also construct “custom-built” gas cells based on customer-requested specifications. Ask for quotes on your special projects.

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