Multi-pass optical systems can be provided for operation at paths in excess of one kilometer, using base paths between 3 and 25 meters. These Ultra-Long Cells can be supplied for use in open air or outdoors, or they can be completely enclosed for operation under vacuum or positive pressures.

Two pairs of retro-reflectors are provided on the field mirror in order to accomodate as many as 120 passes of the infrared beam. This means a three meter base path can yield pathlengths up to 360 meters. A 10 meter base path cell achieves pathlengths over one kilometer.

Ultra-Long Multi-Pass Optical Systems are superior to single-pass or two-pass telescope systems because of the energy conservation that results from the repeated re-focusing of the optical beam.

System is Easily interfaced with all Fourier transform infrared spectrometers, or with non-dispersive or laser-based optical systems.

Protected silver optical coatings offer the highest infrared reflectivity, excellent durability and corrosion resistance.


Part No.               Description                                                                                              Price


M-300-V              Ultra-Long Path Cell, version 300. Metal- bodied cell nine                      $14,600.00

                            inches inside diameter, 3 meter base path. Variable pathlength

                            up to 360 meters. Volume approx.160 liters. Black

                            anodized aluminum hardware and protected-silver optics.


O-1000-V              Ultra-Long Path Cell, version 1000. Open-Air optics with                       $10,480.00

                            8 inch diameter mirrors, 10 meters base path. Pathlengths

                            over 1 Kilometer can be obtained. Black anodized aluminum

                             hardware and protected-silver optics.  

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