Some of our cells come with a built-on laser for pathlength indication and alignment verification. If the laser fails, a new one may be purchased.


Part No.: LD   Description: Laser Device         Price: $195


The windows for nearly all cells are potassium chloride discs, 25 mm. in diameter and 4 mm. thick. Replacements may be purchased from Infrared Analysis, Inc. for $45 each. The window on cell 2.4-PA is a potassium chloride disc, 37.5 mm. in diameter and 4 mm. thick. A replacement for this window is available from Infrared Analysis, Inc. for $65. Windows of other crystal materials may also be purchased.


If a cell interior becomes soiled or corroded, the user may dismantle, clean and re-assemble the cell. A user may also return a damaged cell to Infrared Analysis, Inc. for renovation and re-coating of the mirrors. Cell restoration will return a cell to like-new functionality, but not necessarily to like-new condition cosmetically. If corrosion damage to the mirror surfaces needs to be removed, the mirrors will need to be re-ground, for which there is a 50% surcharge. Call or fax for a quotation.


Do not foul the cell with dirty samples, excessively wet samples, or excessively high concentrations of reactive materials. Most of the cells will allow measurement of gases at concentrations down to 0.05 PPM (or lower). Thus, for example, if you are seeking measurements down to 0.5 PPM, you can afford to dilute your samples 10-fold with clean nitrogen. This dilution will protect all the cell components against degradation. Whenever possible, gas samples should be studied at room temperature. One should keep in mind the chemist’s rule of thumb that an increase in temperature of 10 degrees C. doubles chemical reaction rates. Reactive gases at high temperature will eat the coatings off the mirrors and degrade other cell parts.




Cell hardware is guaranteed to last for 6 years, in normal use (laser excluded).


Mirrors that are cemented into the cell body are guaranteed to hold position for 6 years.


Since glass cell bodies can be broken by mis-use, there is a charge for cell body replacement.


Mirror coatings and crystal windows can last for many years, but they can be degraded by mis-use, and therefore they are not guaranteed.


The coatings, windows and laser can be replaced under the price schedule given in the catalog.


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